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Brands. Media. Reputation.

Experienced. Efficient. Effective.

We are among Germany’s leading law firms when it comes to protecting a brand, a personality, a product or an idea.

We represent our clients within in Germany and also across Europe and the rest of the world together with our experienced partner firms.

While our strategies are goal-oriented and not trial-focused, we do not hesitate to commence judicial proceedings on behalf of our clients when we are convinced of their benefit.

We solve our cases with empathy and market knowledge combined with the highest legal expertise. Our strength comes from the division of the problem-solving strategy into quick and realizable steps. In this regard, we have special negotiating skills based on experience gained from many years in the industry as well as different cases, many of which have also been closely followed and evaluated by the media.

We are a law firm made up of aim oriented and pragmatic problem solvers which should makes us your first point of call when danger is imminent or when a problem has already occured.

We do not discuss the given protection claims of a trademark, a person, a product or an idea. We act according to the law and are only satisfied with our work if our client is able to actually take advantage of the legal protection. We do not evaluate – we analyze.

Much of our success is based on the fact that we do not simply push our clients into hopeless legal disputes. The judicial decisions that result from our procedural strategies are largely positive, as we assess the risks to our clients properly and efficiently.

Additionally, we are able to detect problems early and counteract dangers that arise from not utilising a client’s rights. Our clients are not left alone without protection especially when it comes to the dangers for people, products and ideas, that lurk on the Internet.

We have grown up with the Internet, are familiar with its problems and know how to protect our clients from the many dangers that arise. We are able to create effective protection and to implement pragmatic problem solving. We have gained special expertise in the area of consumer rights and banking and capital market law in the representation of rights holders as well as publishers and intermediaries of capital market products.

For foreign matters we work together with a network of selected specialists in their fields.

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Practical handbook for enforcing claims in competition law

2nd, completely revised and updated edition

Arranged chronologically, differentiated structure, numerous cross-references and, brand new: Extensive practical information on every process situation.

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Praxishandbuch Anspruchsdurchsetzung im Wettbewerbsrecht