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Food law & Pharmaceutical law

Protection of health and competition

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Food law – Protection of health and competition

A healthy and balanced nutrition plays an increasingly important role in society. Food law should therefore protect consumers from adverse health effects of food. To this end, the Food Information Regulation and the Health Claims Regulation have been established, among others. The advertising, presentation, labelling and designation of and for foodstuffs as well as advertising with nutritional values and health claims are regulated.

The aim is to create a transparent basis for the informed choice of food. The regulations are also particularly relevant for the ever-growing range of food supplements.

However, food law protects not only the consumer but also free competition. As market conduct rules, the regulations of food law also contribute to fair competition between competitors.

Food law therefore protects both the individual interests of the consumer and the interests of competitors.

If you have any questions concerning food law, we will be happy to help you.

Pharmaceutical law – Comprehensive regulations also in Internet trade

Pharmaceutical law is not only relevant for manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and traditional pharmacies, but also and in particular for the growing number of online pharmacies and thus the sale of pharmaceuticals on the Internet. It consists of a series of laws and regulations at national and European level. Particularly relevant are the German Medicines Law (AMG), the German Drug Price Regulation (AMPreisV) and the German Pharmaceutical-Advertising-Law (HWG).

The regulations for pharmaceuticals are very strict. They regulate the manufacture, approval, registration, submission, quality assurance, import and export, price ranges and advertising of and for pharmaceuticals.

The purpose of these rules is to ensure that medicinal products are properly supplied to humans and animals. However, the regulations not only protect the health of the population, but also fair competition.

We are at your disposal to answer any questions you may have on the subject of pharmaceutical law.

Our services in Food law & Pharmaceutical law

  • Advice and assertion of claims in the area of Food law
  • Advice and assertion of claims in the area of Pharmaceutical law
  • Advice on the required information according to the Health Claims Regulation
  • Assertion of claims following violations of the Health Claims Regulation
  • Advice on the required information according to the Food Information Regulation
  • Assertion of claims following violations of the Food Information Regulation
  • Advice on the distribution of tobacco products and e-cigarettes
  • Assertion of claims following violations of the German Tobacco Products Act and the German Tobacco Products Regulation
  • Negotiation strategy & process tactics
  • Competition law
  • Labelling of pharmaceuticals
  • Distribution of pharmaceuticals
  • Advertising of pharmaceuticals

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