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Reputation management

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We protect your good reputation!

Today a good reputation on the internet is crucial.

More and more information about businesses and private individuals is directly accessed via search engines such as Google, online review portals like as Jameda or social networks such as Facebook. This information inevitably personifies one’s own reputation in the sense of a digital business card. Business partners, clients and also competitors shape their first formative opinion based on what they find online these days, which is why no business can avoid pursuing a precise reputation management.

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Our services in reputation management

There is a great risk of abuse – Especially on the internet

Because everyone can participate in shaping their own online reputation, there is a considerable risk of abuse through targeted attacks on a reputation. The good reputation of a business can be damaged or even destroyed in a very short time through posts on forums, social networks and, increasingly, review portals. Whenever a person or a business is active on the internet, there is always the danger of attacks on one’s own reputation.

The mechanisms of the internet allow for untruths and rumors to be deliberately and quickly distributed. There are many cases of an excellent reputation established over many years being swiftly destroyed. This applies in particular to social networks but also to review portals and forums. The relevant search results from Google and other search engines are paramount for one’s own reputation. These search engines can exponentially intensify an attack on a good reputation through defamation and insults. Infringing content on a web page will frequently only become a real threat through its easy discoverability on Google and other search engines.

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LHR has successfully represented companies in over 200 cases

Anwalt ReputationsmanagementWe have conducted in excess of 200 proceedings for our clients during the past three years against those who initiated unlawful reporting. These included not only dubious media outlets but also the German consumer organization Stiftung Warentest, the search engine Google and many other colleagues.
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We are seasoned experts in reputation management

In consideration of the communication structure of the internet, an effective reputation management with a hard-hitting defense capability is an inescapable prerequisite today to weather imminent attacks on one’s good reputation at all times.

In addition to the removal of unlawful reviews in online review portals, the law firm of LHR has received nationwide attention as a leading firm in particular through the revocation of infringing search results on Google and other search engines while successfully asserting the interest of its clients in numerous proceedings.


LHR partner Dr. Niklas Haberkamm, LLM oec., has made a name for himself by virtue of his extensive experience not only in practice but also as an author. Upon request of the President of the Bundesrat, he has served as an expert advisor to the Austrian government on the topic of “Internet Hate Speech”. His article was published in the official Green Paper “Digital Courage” of the Austrian Federal Council. 

As soon as an online falsification of one’s own reputation through third-party untruths has occurred, immediate action is required, because of the impending negative consequences to social and business contacts. As experts in reputation management, we monitor and defend the reputation of our clients on the internet. Negative and infringing online releases can be corrected and the good reputation on the internet thereby protected and strengthened.

A functional reputation management always means a close relationship between the business or the private individual and the defender of his reputation – the law firm of LHR. Under close communication, the relevant online information will be discussed and analyzed so that we can promptly respond to and defend against infringements.

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We support doctors, banks, financial services companies and managers

There are those who, because of the demanding and special demands placed upon them by their professional activity, have a particular need to counter the danger of attacks on their good reputation through the use of an effective defense strategy. In the healthcare sector, these are doctors, medical centers or clinics; in the financial sector, they are banks, financial services providers and any other companies active in the capital markets. These are among our clients in the area of reputation management.

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We protect the reputation of artists, professional athletes, politicians and other personalities

This also applies to artists, professional athletes, politicians as well as other individuals in the public sphere. Ultimately, these days every private person and each business – be it a sole proprietorship, to small and medium-sized enterprise up to a publicly traded company – is dependent on a functional reputation management because it is impossible to escape the impact that the internet can have on a good reputation. According to recent survey data, nine out of ten internet users trust the recommendations and warnings found on review portals but even virtually every purchase decision is made these days after an online product research. In this regard, even the product reviews play a not insignificant role in reputation management.

The countless possibilities of a targeted and manipulated opinion formation carry considerable dangers and risks for everyone who is affected by the harsh consequences that manifest themselves in the real world. A strategic and efficient reputation management is, therefore, the only method to protect oneself against online libel and maintain a good reputation. One’s own success stands or falls in relation to one’s online reputation. We are prepared.

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Attorneys protect your good reputation and obtain compensation for damages

Companies and individuals can effectively fight back against libel and violations of individual rights and demand compensation for damages.

Disparaging reporting can result in considerable market uncertainty, so much so that it becomes a “self-fulfilling prophecy”. As the well known and notorious dispute between Kirch and Deutsche Bank illustrated – in which a comment about the creditworthiness of Kirch was presumably all the more reason for his bankruptcy – such behavior carries serious consequences. Following 12 years of litigation, Deutsche Bank, within the scope of a settlement, paid Kirch’s heirs 775 million Euros.

By using appropriate means, you actively protect yourself and

  • prevent the continued unlawful infringement on your rights,
  • will be compensated for damages incurred,
  • show that you can defend yourself against future attacks.

The injuring party is not only liable for the attorney fees but will generally also have to pay an appropriate compensation.

  • LHR protects you against attacks upon your individual rights
  • LHR defends your claims following legal violations
  • LHR locates the guilty parties and confronts them with the consequences of their actions both in judicial and extra-judicial proceedings
  • LHR ensures that there is a suitable compensation

Dr. Niklas Haberkamm, LLM oec., the founder of the firm and partner: “Protect the good reputation of your business on the internet. It is a precious asset that must be appropriately maintained and protected in equal measure.”

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