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Fees and Costs

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Our service costs

We place the utmost value on the transparency of anticipated costs for our clients. This not only applies to the payment for our work but also to possible costs that may arise from court, public authorities or the opposing side and those that may need to be paid by the client.

We offer our clients the following billing options:

    1. We charge a standard fee of 240 net (€285.60 gross) for an initial consultation. The initial consultation consists of a preliminary conversation and a discussion about the specific situation and legal position.
    2. Invoicing per the Attorney’s Compensation Act (RVG).Under this billing method, the incurred costs are based on the amount in dispute. In the case that we take action for you in court, the invoicing according to RVG is mandatory if a possible fee agreement amounts to less than the statutory fees.
    3. Agreement on an hourly fee. Hourly billing is possible when the scope of the work needed has not been determined and long-term cooperation or consultation is desired. The hourly rate will vary depending on who is involved and the complexity of the undertaking (e.g. if there are international elements). A working hour for a partner costs between 350 – 540 net. For an associate the hourly charge is between 270 – 350 net and between 175 – 240 net for a research assistant Our clients can be sure that they will be informed about the expected time required prior to the commencement of the work. Our state of the art timekeeping system ensures a precise verifiability of the billed services.
    4. Agreement on a flat-rate fee. A flat-rate payment makes sense when the scope of the workload can be estimated at the start and it is a one-time project. This offers our clients the highest level of planning security.

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