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Protection of music and films

We protect musicians, composers and producers and seek damages.

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LHR – We protect musicians, composers and producers and obtain compensation for damages

Works of film and music are copyright protected. The categorization of the rights in this field is not always easy.

“File sharing” – rights violations on exchange platforms

Unfortunately it often happens that the use of one’s own work is easily disturbed by the interference of third parties. These days it is a common occurrence that works of film and music are illegally made publicly available on “exchange platforms”. Some creative people will even come across a derivative form of their work. The creator of the work must only accept this if he expressly consented to it. Otherwise, it should be examined if the assertion of preliminary injunctions, rights of information and damage compensation claims are sensible.

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LHR obtains a preliminary injunction for a German films distributor in front of the District Court of Cologne

The District Court of Cologne issued several preliminary injunctions against file sharers and in favor of our client, Camino GmbH. The file sharers had made the movie “The Misfortunates” publicly available on exchange platforms. The offenders had not reacted to a warning letter and the settlement stated that they pay €1,200.00.

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Against the “warning letter industry”

A veritable warning letter industry has arisen in the area of file sharing. There are law firms with the almost exclusive specialty of representing clients that have gotten on the wrong side of the law because of their actions on exchange platforms. Frequently, there is no attempt made to find an individual solution that would be appropriate for the relevant case. Rather, boilerplate standardized letters are sent to the infringers that do not address the specific matter at hand.

We have taken a clear stand on this topic: It is our opinion that prosecution and the enforcement of the law should return to normalcy in this area. Individual cases should be individually processed. We owe our clients that much.

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Attorneys protect rights owners and obtain compensation for damages for copyright law violations

Creators can effectively defend themselves against infringements to their rights and demand compensation. By using appropriate means, you actively protect yourself and

  • prevent the continued unlawful distribution of your work,
  • will be compensated for damages incurred,
  • show that you can defend yourself against future attacks.

The injuring party is not only liable for the attorney fees but will generally also have to pay an appropriate compensation.

LHR resolutely prosecutes theft of music and films and uses the experience gained from over 5,000 successful cases of rights protection

  • LHR protects you against infringements on your music and films
  • LHR defends your claims following copyright law violations
  • LHR locates the guilty parties and confronts them with the consequences of their actions both in judicial and extra-judicial proceedings
  • LHR defends you against warning letters of competitors

Arno Lampmann, founder of the firm, partner and specialist attorney for industrial property protection: “When businesses clearly seek to profit from someone else’s work, there is no reason not to assert one’s rights as forcefully as possible – which is what we do for our clients.”

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