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Prosecution of infringement on intellectual property

The theft of photos, text, graphics and other creations is forbidden. Owners of intellectual property are entitled to their deletion, as well as compensation.

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Prosecution of infringement on intellectual property

Texts, photos and ideas are protected – without any ifs or buts – but in many cases the right owners are not only lacking in the necessary tools, but also in the awareness of infringement rights, to provide for injunctive relief and to demand damages.
Experts in intellectual property rights recognize the infringement of rights and have the knowledge to pursue them without a disproportionate risk for the owner of the rights.
The lawyers of LHR – law firm for brands, media, reputation – have been active for years as a rights-holder for copywriters, photographers and creators of ideas.
LHR pursues the theft of intellectual property consistently, creatively and with the experience of 1000 successful rights-holders.
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Photographer successfully requests € 14,000 for damages due to non-disclosure as the author

LHR has already been able to negotiate damages amounting to € 14,000.00 in the course of the legal defense of Fotorechten. Since the Creative Commons license conditions for the use of the work were not respected, there was a clear copyright infringement against which the client wanted to proceed not least because the infringement was not committed by a blogger or small business but by a well-known company.
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In recent years the Internet has made the infringement of rights easier and more difficult to pursue.
The reckless uploading of a photo or the rapid distribution of a quote are mass phenomena which can hardly be brought under control as collective copyright infringements – but there are also cases in which a courageous commitment to one’s own right is not only worthwhile, but also part of the strategy in order to secure and protect valuable intellectual property in the long term.
Arno Lampmann, law firm founder, partner and attorney for the protection of intellectual property rights: “Your property should be protected with all the available resources – we are at your disposal!”
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Practical handbook for enforcing claims in competition law

2nd, completely revised and updated edition

Arranged chronologically, differentiated structure, numerous cross-references and, brand new: Extensive practical information on every process situation.

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Praxishandbuch Anspruchsdurchsetzung im Wettbewerbsrecht