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A trademark is a symbol that should last as long as possible and be as memorable as possible for you, your product or service. Therefore you must exercise particular care when selecting a trademark. Of course creative spirit is also a part of it – but what many startups underestimate today is the legal facet of the trademark selection, because it is possible that another company has already had the idea, or one very similar. In addition, a distinctive claim is also made on registered marks.
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Our trademark services

  • Advice for the selection of a trademark
  • Search for the availability of your trademark
  • Trademark registration
  • Trademark protection

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Under a trademark application, DPMA does not check whether identical or similar trademarks are already protected. Since all entries of the DPMA are published, the holders of existing trademarks are aware of a possible infringement of their rights. Costly legal disputes are often unavoidable. If the newly registered trademark can no longer be used, considerable expenses can also be incurred, e.g. the development of a new trademark, the redesign of products, new advertising and, if necessary, damages.
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LHR-Trademark Service

In addition to the defense against attacks on intellectual property, LHR is also one of the leading law firms with regard to the conception, registration and maintenance of valuable brands.
The trademark service provided by LHR informs you quickly about everything worth knowing regarding trademark registration. With the service you can also check whether the trademark is still free.

On the page “LHR-Markenservice” you can enter your desired mark and discover whether this mark has already been registered. The service finds identical German, European and internationally registered trademarks from the DPMA, EUIPO and WIPO. Furthermore, you will find a selection of top-level domains with the entered name and the indication of whether these are already registered.
Lawyer Birgit Rosenbaum, law firm founder, partner and attorney for industrial property protection: “Use our legal service in the area of trademark protection.”
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Practical handbook for enforcing claims in competition law

2nd, completely revised and updated edition

Arranged chronologically, differentiated structure, numerous cross-references and, brand new: Extensive practical information on every process situation.

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