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Choosing a trademark

Trademarks give products identity and profile, they provide the customer with information about the product’s origin and serve as image carriers for both the product and the company behind it. However, these functions only work when brands are built up in a specific way.
Entrepreneurs should know what they are dealing with – especially if they are their own products. Important questions arise: Which brand fits my product, am I violating the rights of others with my ideas or is my service only a copy of an already protected idea? Legal clarity is the basis for trademark development and should not be underestimated.
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LHR – Consulting on trademark law

  • Rights check and cost/risk analysis of brand strategies
  • Advice on the defense against or drafting of warnings
  • Advice on the defense or preparation of provisional injunctions
  • Documentation of your legal claim for trademark protection

Always keep your own brand in focus

The effective establishment and commercial use of a trademark always requires a strategy. Even before the registration of a trade mark, it is necessary to examine the extent to which the trade mark is to be used. In which area is it to be used, how should it be presented, who should it be targeted towards? Is it only for a specific product or a whole product group? Does it stand alone or does it stand alongside another brand? How would you like to advertise with the brand?
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LHR-Trademark service

In addition to the defense against attacks on intellectual property, LHR is also one of the leading law firms with regard to the conception, registration and maintenance of valuable brands.
The trademark service provided by LHR informs you quickly about everything worth knowing regarding trademark registration. With the service you can also check whether the trademark is still free.

Birgit Rosenbaum, specialist attorney for industrial property rights and as a partner at LHR, is responsible for the trademark law department: “Brands characterize your products and ideas and are therefore very important from the outset, protecting them is our goal!”
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Practical handbook for enforcing claims in competition law

2nd, completely revised and updated edition

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Praxishandbuch Anspruchsdurchsetzung im Wettbewerbsrecht