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Removal of Google entries and search results

Google is the internet.

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Removal of Google search results

Google is the undisputed number one among search engines, especially in Europe and Germany. Google’s market share in 2016 was above 90%. This means that nine out of ten internet users utilize Google to find interesting content online or to inform themselves about specific companies and personalities.

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Google is the internet

In order to play a role on the internet, businesses must ensure that their content is indexed by Google and shown to users. On the other side of the coin, you could say that online pages that are not shown on a Google search are practically banished from “the internet”. We take advantage of this effect when we demand that Google removes certain content from the index.

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Google is only liable for what it knows

Good to know: Google is generally very cooperative because the search engine will be held liable if infringing content that it knows about is not deleted. Then again, Google is only required to delete something when the affected party precisely describes the infringement, both in an actual and legal sense, so that the infringement becomes apparent to Google. Many otherwise promising  legal proceedings often fail because of this formal condition.

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Having Google search results deleted – do it yourself or engage an attorney?

You can immediately react to a negative Google search result by engaging an attorney to forcefully represent your interests. That is not always the correct answer. First of all, hiring an attorney costs money and you may not be reimbursed these expenses by the opposing party. For example, if the prosecution was unsuccessful or the other party does not possess the funds. However, approaching Google is difficult and must be thoroughly prepared. You must precisely and in legal terms explain the violation of your personal rights, which frequently fails. Hiring an attorney has the added benefit that a neutral third-party will review the facts and can objectively and professionally assess it. Experience shows that the affected person usually does not know whether components of a search result are permissible or not. In particular, when the platform operator or hosting provider is to be adjured, it is very important to carefully prepare the case from the beginning. Subsequent legal proceedings frequently fail because the opposing side was inadequately informed during the extrajudicial proceeding.

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LHR has already had numerous Google searches deleted

We have been ensuring the permanent removal of infringing Google search results for our clients even before the EU judgment on the “right to be forgotten”. This encompasses AdWords entries, organic search results but also search suggestions in the input field and on the results page. 

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Attorneys protect your good reputation on Google

Businesses and personalities can effectively defend themselves against libel and infringements of their individual rights in AdWords entries, search results and search suggestions. By using appropriate means, you actively protect yourself and

  • quickly, completely and permanently remove Google search results,
  • effectively prevent the continued unlawful infringement of your online rights,
  • show that you can defend yourself against future attacks.

Google generally adheres to the European and German jurisprudence and will remove infringing postings on our request. If, by way of exception, that should not be the case, we are aware of the appropriate steps that are to be taken.

Arno Lampmann, founder of the firm, partner and specialist attorney for industrial property protection: “If Google is to be used, it is very important to carefully prepare the case from the beginning. Subsequent legal proceedings frequently fail because the opposing side was inadequately informed during the extrajudicial proceeding.”

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