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Copyright – Effective protection, especially on the Internet

Copyright law protects creative people of all kinds – artists, photographers, musicians, writers, YouTuber et cetera – and grants them comprehensive protection rights against the unauthorized use of their creations. However, it protects not only the author, but also those entitled to use the creation. Only through the granting of rights of use (licenses) by the author can creations be used legally.
Especially on the Internet, creations are often used without such a right of use. The use of copyrighted material is particularly easy there and occurs in an unmanageable quantity. Therefore, monitoring of published creations and efficient action against infringements is more important than ever before.
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Our services in copyright law

Design Law – Aesthetic Form Ideas as an Economic Good

Design law protects the aesthetic idea of form in its embodiments and the products in which it is realized. An extraordinary design can significantly increase the value of a product and should therefore be protected.
By filing a design application at German or European level, the applicant for a new, peculiar and disclosed design acquires a very strong legal position. However, this legal position must also be actively defended so that infringements can be fended off as quickly and effectively as possible in an ever faster growing economic market.
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Our services in design law

  • Auditing the protectability of your aesthetic designs
  • Registration of designs at German, European and international level
  • Monitoring your design right
  • prosecution of infringements of your design right
  • injunctive relief
  • warning of the infringer
  • First assertion of claims for damages in case of improper use of your design
  • Extrajudicial & judicial enforcement of your claims
  • Support with the marketing of your designs
  • Support with the granting of rights of use for your design (licensing)

Practical handbook for enforcing claims in competition law

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