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Too expensive? Too complex? Don’t have time right now for trademark law? Those who don’t protect their brand, increasingly run into problems. New forms of media, more aggressive advertising and competitors who ruthlessly exploit the market show no regard for the state of careless market participants. Trademarks are often significant intangible assets that must be protected and preserved in the competitive day-to-day business environment. Those that fail to do so will be left behind. Many concerned parties do not even know if and why they should protect a trademark. What’s more, startups frequently avoid trademark protection for fear that the process is too complicated, even though it is a matter of fundamental importance.

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Our services in trademark law

LHR – The Trademark Law Firm

Trademark law is a multi-step process that begins with the search for a brand name, includes the registration and care of the brand and may involve the defense of trademarks against third parties. Specialist firms such as LHR “Brands, Media, Reputation” act to preserve rights in the arena of commercial legal protection. LHR stands for the partners Lampmann, Haberkamm and Rosenbaum and is a specialized boutique law firm specialized in industrial property law and press law based in Cologne with a branch office in Vancouver, Washington.

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LHR for fans of football

The application for cancellation filed by LHR resulted in FIFA waiving all rights to services under the brand “Fan Fest” in 2014. As a result, from that point on public viewings could be held under that name without FIFA being able to assert a trademark claim.

In addition to safeguarding one’s brand, LHR trademark protection also maintains the rights to this brand and researches and initiates measures against those responsible in cases of infringement. Product developers and those who produce creations of value must accept the fact that there is no automatic sanctuary for good ideas. While ideas may be unrestricted, no businessperson should even consider using someone else’s protected brands. However, there are legal options that should be employed if the success of your project is a priority. We will take care of the execution of effective cease-and-desist declarations, use warning letters to set deadlines and create clear-cut settings through the use of preliminary injunctions – promptly and reliably. Your trademark mandates are in good hands with the Brand Service of LHR. We offer you an all-around service for your brand. LHR has already suppressed infringing and defamatory attacks on brands of its clients in countless legal proceedings. In the process, LHR has provided a significant contribution to successful marketing strategies.

LHR-Trademark Service

Alongside defending against specific attacks on intellectual property, the Law Firm of LHR is also considered as one the leading firms with regard to the conception, registration and maintenance of valuable brands. MarkenrechtThe Brand Service initiated by LHR will quickly and precisely inform you about everything that you need to know about registering your brand. This is also where you can check if your desired brand name is still available. 

Birgit Rosenbaum, specialist attorney for industrial property law, a partner at LHR and responsible for the trademark law: “Brands define products and services of a company. They may represent the quality of a company and are considered a part of its intellectual property. Strong brands are an asset that should not be underestimated. Aside from their registration, the development and care are fundamental responsibilities of their maintenance. We are happy to assist you or your company in this regard.” [/box]

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