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Prosecution of reporting (in writing or on film) in newspapers, radio and television

Still important: Tradtional press law

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Even in the age of the the Internet, the effects of unlawful reporting on television, radio and print media can not be underestimated.

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What is media law?

Media law is concerned with the relationship of various claims and needs within the framework of private and public communication; both civil claims and criminal aspects of the law are affected. Subfields such as broadcasting law predominantly fall under administrative law.

Media law is concerned with releases in radio, television, internet and film as well as multimedia. The goal of a functioning media law, aside from ensuring a communication infrastructure that is in compliance with the law, is the protection of the diversity of opinion, assuring user, data and youth protection as well as the safeguarding of intellectual property. The legal field of media law is closely linked to telecommunication law.

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Arno Lampmann, law firm founder, partner and attorney for industrial property rights:

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